Video Games Inspired by Japanese Anime

There are plenty of video games inspired by Japanese anime. If you are an anime fan then you would want to concentrate on what you should really take home because of the abundance of choices. Dragon Ball is the perfect example of this as there have been too many variations over the years. The top anime characters you can play are the ones you have grown to love as a kid. As a result, you will have a hard time getting sick of this since it is just too much fun. On the flip side, you will want to dress up as your favorite Dragon Ball universe character every Halloween. Now, you can do it every time you decide to play this game and all your friends will see that you are a big fan of it. There are plenty 0f Dragon Ball games where you can fight it out with the CPU or your friends using the best superpowers of your character and win or lose, you are going to have lots of fun.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is an excellent versus game where you can play your favorite Persona character and go up against your friends playing their characters. It is like something out of the dream you just had last night and you are playing it right before your very eyes. The graphics are great and you can’t really blame yourself if you get a bit too addicted to it since it is that good. Yu-Gi-Oh is another anime series that captured our hearts back in the day and now we are feeling it in terms of a video game. It is actually one of those card games that is pretty intense when you play it on Nintendo Switch. Astro Boy Omega Factor will make you remember those good old days when you can just shoot up the baddies into oblivion while you are your way to capturing the treasure. It is just one of those games that gets harder each level with all of the stuff that makes it such an icon right on your fingertips.

There is a good reason why Fairy Tail is known as the year’s top RPG games. It was known as one of your anime loving friend’s favorites back in the day. Now, it is something that you will want to get your hands on when it is finally available in the sea of greatness. Besides, it has so many characters for you to choose from and the battles are pretty exciting and you won’t want to miss a single second of it. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth will challenge you when you are one of those people who love it when an exciting mystery comes along. It is not really often when that happens so you would want to be on the edge of your seat for all of the missions. There is a good reason why this is the main competition of Nintendo. The creature in this game is just too good to be true.