Top 5 Things Every Minecraft Starter Should Do

Minecraft is an indie building game where players build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. It’s one of the most popular games on PC and mobile, used by millions of players worldwide. The game’s topography is procedurally generated, meaning that it can be infinitely different every time you restart. The following are the top 5 things every Minecraft starter should do.

1. Get a Map

It’s one of the best decisions you will make in your life along with using Minecraft RPG Plugins. A map tells you exactly where everything is, but more importantly it shows you exactly where everything is going to be. It’s like an invisible guide that shows you the whole journey instead of just part of it. And even though Minecraft has an in-game world that does this as well, a map is still preferable to a handcrafted one for this purpose because it allows for an easier route on any given day and can easily be thrown away.

2. Learn to Craft in the Game

In Minecraft, there are many unique ways to craft things. It’s important to become familiar with each of them and how they work if you hope to make it through the game. To start, a good starting craft is a crafting bench, because it allows for a quicker inventory space. You will want to get this as soon as possible so items won’t take up too much space in your inventory. Crafting tables also help in this regard and do not require as many resources to create. It is possible to craft without a crafting bench or table, but it can be tedious and time-consuming without tools that don’t exist yet (blunt sword).

5. Look for Food

The first thing to do when you spawn in a Minecraft world is to find food. The game does not give this information to you and instead forces players to learn on their own. When you kill monsters, they may drop meat, which can be cooked with wood and coal. Some items will take longer to cook than others, but it is always best to begin cooking as soon as possible. It’s also important never to eat raw flesh, because it can make your stomach sick and will cause health loss over time if eaten day after day.

4. Stand Still

It may seem strange advice to give as you begin playing, but standing still is one of the best things you can do while in the game. It allows you to assess your situation and plan ahead accordingly. If you are moving, it will be hard to tell what direction left and right will be. This is particularly useful when right clicking, as it makes player move 20 blocks forward. Standing still allows the player to see everything in a large circular radius so it’s not just a small part of the map that is seen by default.

5. Wear Armor

Wearing armor is important, especially when moving around the map. It helps protect your body from attacks by mobs and other players. There are three types of armor in Minecraft — leather, chainmail, and iron — with different degrees of durability. Each tier is stronger than the last, but takes more resources to create. It’s best to stick with leather as you begin crafting for your first set of armor unless you have access to other items that can help make the creation go faster. Wearing a helmet will reduce the chance of taking damage from falling or getting hurt from mobs that can attack from above such as spiders and skeletons.