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Cryptocurrency founded by Viktor Prokopenya has been in trend for a long time. One of the best platforms for cryptocurrencies is The company offers an overall three thousand instruments on this platform, and it accepts clients from over one-eighty countries. is an international platform for different types of cryptocurrencies and it works under Bel LLC, with its headquarters in Minsk, Belarus. The company is an authorized legal agency that operates under the decree of the Belarus president. In this article, we are going to review Read on to know more.

WHO CAN USE CURRENCY.COM? is mainly for traders who want to make better and more informed decisions, and this company works as a broker that offers trading goods to its clients. For example, offers seventy-five market news, trading dictionaries, instant price alerts, technical charts, and other services.

The company is also good for traders focused on cryptocurrencies. For those businesses, offers over two twenty-five assets and allows the clients to identify the recent percentage changes in cost, spreads, historical charts, and market prices.


* ADVANCED AND BETTER TRADING PLATFORM – offers an online trading service that allows users to trade anywhere in the world. This company also works perfectly with the latest versions of Android and iOS.

* MINIMUM DEPOSIT – this is one of the best features of where you can make a low deposit of twenty dollars to get a service from them. This price is lower than other cryptocurrency brokers. Moreover, the minimum limit for withdrawal is $100.

* WIDE COLLECTION OF ASSETS – Clients can choose the instruments that they are comfortable with. offers a wide range of products to users so they can invest in different things.

* BEST TRADING TOOLS – offers the best and latest tools to traders. The platform offers price movement and comparison tools, technical analysis indicators, and recent price charts. You can use these tools to compare and identify price movements.


Viktor Prokopenya is the founder of VP Capital, and he owns a hundred percent share of

In 2001 Prokopenya launched Viaden Media. Initially, the company was focused on software development services, but later the platform expanded to develop mobile applications so they can target a wide range of clients. Some popular products of the company are,, Smart Alarm Clock, and All-In Fitness, these were ranked very high in forty countries around the world. The company was divided into two groups Skywind Group and Sport.Com after that it was sold to Playtech PLC.

Viktor Prokopenya has his goals for innovative and forward technologies. Through the company, he works with management and founder teams to build better, and great products. The VP Capital uses and supports cutting-edge technologies, and concentrates on high-growth services.

Prokopenya is a trained computer scientist and lawyer, his ultimate passion is innovative and cutting-edge technologies. He has a doctoral degree in business administration from a Swiss Business institution and a master’s degree in Finance from Northeastern University. He also has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science and internet marketing.

In addition to his educational and professional accomplishments, Viktor Prokopenya has a vast knowledge of technological innovations such as cryptocurrencies, autonomous vehicles, and other modern-day technologies.

CONCLUSION is a broker for traders which wants to grow their business and earn profit. It focuses on the latest technologies to serve its clients in a better way.