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The Impact of Coding


The 19th century witnessed a significant metamorphosis from an agrarian society to feasting their eyes on the Industrial Revolution’s magnificence. The charm of physics and engineering enlightened us as a society in the 20th century, alleviating our quotidian life’s agony – equipping us with refrigerators and washing machines. But the cynosure of all eyes in the 21st century ushered in the phenomenal digital age, and the Internet was the showstopper.

The question being: how was this implausible transformed into a reality? This change was made achievable by learning a new language comprising numbers, which aids us in communicating with computers, termed as coding. The process that enables this is termed as programming. It forms the basis of robotics, video games, apps, graphics, and so on.

A decade ago, self-driving cars or the Internet of Things (IoT) was solely an illusion. However, it is bewildering to perceive that, regardless of where we are stationed, we can control technology at our fingertips using a smartphone. Are we mutating to the alter ego of our superheroes?

If you are at that juncture of your career, don’t hesitate, make the smart move and choose coding.

A Coder Is a Piece of Hotcake

In an era where computing jobs are rocketing, the most rewarding career on the list is that of a coder. Moreover, it has enhanced itself to a crucial finesse, such that one who lacks it will cast an envious glance.


A Better Perspective

A coder can comprehend the boundless opportunities coming his way, as he possesses a fair understanding of the technology surrounding him. This ability assists him in connecting with it the right way, unlike many who take it for granted.

Coding Involves an Aesthetic Sense

The idea of not being restricted to a consumer but being transformed into a creator unleashes that dopamine! They envisage their own video game, website, or app. What lures a coder isn’t a bottle of whiskey with your favourite munchies, but seeing their code coming into being. And this is being just the right amount of sassy!

You Are Precisely an Analytic

As a coder, you learn the art of computational thinking, which is all about confronting a humongous problem as fragments of compact and feasible ones—thereby contributing to developing that tenacity in you. This profession is a demanding one, developing that patience in you.


A Desirable Orator

Communication is an essential component of one’s daily life and professional space. Unlike others, coders have the extraordinary ability to communicate with computers. For a coder, his skill is in breaking the complex problems and organizing them so the machines can apprehend.