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Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2020


Computers have become an inevitable part of our circadian life. The wielding of a pen was perceived as forceful, but bygone is those days. And in this era, this sovereignty is exercised by computers, as codes hegemonies every facet of our life. Whether IT, data analytics, or web designing, you will be selling like hotcakes, if you are a coder. It would be best if you recognized what’s popular in the industry.

Are you in for a peek to fathom the potential of the best programming languages in 2020? Are you a beginner or a coder, don’t fret, let’s embark on this journey together!

Python: The Multifaceted Language

Python’s focal point is developer engagement, such that the experience can be meted out by even school kids if they give it a shot. Python went through a massive renovation in 2008, fashioning them into ubiquitous. What makes Python superior to other languages? The answer lies in its language prototype- dynamic, ingenious, simple, and robust. A forage through ‘Indeed’ ranks Python first in the list as the in-demand programming language in the job market of the USA.

Multifaceted Language

JavaScript: The Reciprocal Language

2009 bore testimony to the revolution sparked by JavaScript – which initially was criticised for its mediocre design and features, which later evolved into an archetype and a potent programming language. Yet another breakthrough occurred in 2010 when Google launched AngularJS. Presently, it relishes the stature of the most exhaustive language and has been ranked third by ‘Indeed’ in the USA job market.

Java: The self-starter of Programming

A fundamental, object-oriented, and decoded programming language, by the invention of Java Virtual Machine (JVM), has rendered the programme Platform independent. Since JVM is not Cloud friendly, it has been neglected in the market to its contemporary developer-friendly languages like Python and JavaScript. However, it has pushed off these shortcomings and is unabating in this pursuit, ranking number one in the language for enterprises. The USA’s job market is also reflective of this effort, ranking them second in the list by ‘Indeed.’

C++: The Touchstone to Programming

Amalgamating object-oriented features to the existing C, C++ was created as an addendum to C. Since the programme offers numerous components, you need to be adept at attaining that extent of mastery. Because of proficiency as a requirement coupled with its platform dependency, the programme lost traction to Java in the early 2000s. But with the innovation of GPU and Cloud computing, C++ is combating that resistance.